Bilateral Body Workshops

The Bilateral Body is an approach that will take your teaching and practice to the next level. The ability to make choices for a bilateral body creates a higher order of balance– maximizing health, healing and wellbeing.

This workshop will give you practical tools, techniques and guidelines that you can immediately apply as well as a deeper understanding of your own skills as a teacher and healer.

For Teachers: CE Seminar focuses on…

  • Anatomy, individual poses, asana, sequencing, adjusting, breath applications
  • Mindfulness practices in the context of the bilateral nature of the body
  •       Using movement to solve any chronic pain problem
  •           Practical tools and techniques for working with those who have chronic health conditions

Master Class Workshops for Your Current and New Students:

Michael provides an education for your students not another new technique or style.This workshop will elevate their practice to achieve greater health and well-being.

·         Relearning basic poses and how to move bilaterally

·         Better breathing for healing from pain

·         A change of perception of their body to balance

·         Postural intelligence to retrain bad habits

Other practicers bring one treatment plan, one modality when dealing with clients and their pain. Therefore chronic problems never get resolved fully. Using his knowledge in multiple bodywork and exercise techniques, Michael creates a unique treatment plan for each of his clients to ensure that they stay out of pain for life!

NY State, NCBTMB, FL State CE

Michael offers a selection of workshops for the LMT with NY State, NCBTMB, FL State continuing education credit hours.